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About our Sanctuary

Welcome to the Farm of Hope, Inc, we are so glad to have you! Farm of Hope, is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Animal Sanctuary committed to rescuing, providing sanctuary, education and advocacy on behalf of all animals.  Farm of Hope provides a forever home to many farm animals rescued from abuse, abandonment or neglect.


​In 2012 our founders, Jennifer (President) and Tim (Treasurer) decided to leave their city life and move to unincorporated Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in Palm Beach County,  to provide a sanctuary for farm animals. Both are full time nonprofit attorneys who represent abused, abandoned and neglected foster children.  After  years of home renovations, grading the land for the animals, flood management,  fencing and cross fencing 11 acres, building safe and secure infrastructure for the animals, they were able to begin  rescuing farm animals. They have slowly continued to rescue animals while ensuring they are able to provide for all of their needs.  Farm of Hope, was founded in hopes of being able to rescue and provide sanctuary to more abused, abandoned, and neglected animals in need. Also, to be able to provide information to the public and advocate for animals on a larger scale.


​All Farm of Hope animals have been rescued or rehomed to us. While baby animals are adorable, Farm of Hope, does not support or breed animals. All of our animals are provided a loving, nurturing,  forever home, where they can live without pain, hunger or fear of exploitation for the remainder of their natural lives.


Farm of Hope is committed to promoting a eco-friendly, compassionate and sustainable lifestyle by: (1) Continuing to adopt and provide sanctuary to farm animals. (2) Allowing the public to respectfully meet farm animals and discover their unique characteristics. (3) Providing educational information about farm animals and the food/products derived from animals while highlighting alternative options.  We are growing our own fruits, vegetables and herbs. This is challenging in the Florida heat but we will share helpful information and tips we learned along the way.  (4) Hosting and attending public awareness events (5) Advocating for the rights of all animals. 


​Farm animals are the most abused and mistreated animals on the planet.   At Farm of Hope, we hope to educate people about farm animals and the food/products derived from them.  Also, to show how our individual choices (especially what we eat) greatly effects animals and our fragile planet. Science has shown that animal agriculture is the largest destructive impact contributing to climate change and the destruction of ecosystems.


Lastly, at Farm of Hope we hope to illustrate just how amazing and unique all animals are.  We hope to highlight their unique  personalities and demonstrate that people can form meaningful connections  with farm animals similar to  companion animals like cats and dogs. Please follow our progress on our website, Instagram (posting since 2020) and E-newsletter to learn more. Thank you!

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