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Thank you for joining our adventure! We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Palm Beach County, Florida. Our mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, provide education and advocacy on behalf of ALL animals.  Please explore our website to learn more about Farm of Hope's mission and all of our special residents.


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You can follow all of our residents' daily adventures, while learning more about everyone's individual personalities and information about their kind
. We have been posting about the animals since 2020 on Instagram. You can also learn about Farm of Hope updates and information on future events. 


Please subscribe to our newsletter

We promise our electronic newsletters will be informative, short, and sweet.  Along with fun animal information, the goal of our newsletter is to show it is easier than ever to make cruelty free choices.  Our newsletters will highlight  cruelty free, easily accessible, affordable and vegan, food, recipes, and lifestyle options. At Farm of Hope, we believe every time someone chooses a vegan and cruelty free option, it benefits the animals, people and our fragile planet. We also promise the only thing we will send you is our Newsletters.


Please check out our How to Help Page for a list of the many different ways you can help the animals of Farm of Hope.  Thank you!                   

How to Help
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